Using the DMA controller on STM32F4

A little while ago I got one of the fairly common “Nokia 5110” ¬†LCD modules, a 84×48 b/w graphic LCD screen, thinking it would be handy to have in current or future projects. One of the things I especially like about this module is that it is using a serial protocol (SPI) to send dataContinue reading “Using the DMA controller on STM32F4”

Configuring the STM32F4-Discovery for audio

What made the STM32F4-Discovery board so attractive for me was the fact that it comes with a nice on-board Audio-DAC with integrated amplifier, the Cirrus Logic CS43L22. However, getting the combination of STM32F4 and CS43L22 to produce any sound is anything but trivial for someone just starting out with ARM microcontroller development (like me). AfterContinue reading “Configuring the STM32F4-Discovery for audio”

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