Nikon D100 aperture control unit repair

A couple of months ago I managed to find a used DSLR body for a very good price at a local flea market. I had been thinking of getting a proper DSLR for some time now (so far I’ve been using a “bridge” camera, the Fujifilm S9500), so for only £30 it was worth theContinue reading “Nikon D100 aperture control unit repair”

Identifying the controller chip on an LCD module

I recently got a cheap 20×4 LCD module on ebay and started playing around with it this weekend. Of course, given that I paid less than 5 pounds for it (incl. shipping from China) it came with no documentation or other information, but I hadn’t expected any. Since most LCD modules use the same protocolContinue reading “Identifying the controller chip on an LCD module”

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